Monday, May 26, 2014

Gopi Crones Awakened

I have been
from time to time
to women of advanced years,
or hardly advanced but feeling so;
reminding them with a glance,
a tone, a touch, a kiss –
that they are ever young
and beautiful, brimming
with the fullness of love.
Seeing themselves as homely
I see they’re merely lonely –
looking at their own reflections
using the eyes of this world as a mirror.
I tell them gently, and with conviction,
with the fragrance of that Garden
on my breath:
use me for a mirror, take my eyes
and look again.
I counter “ugly” with snugly, I counter
“Look at my face, it’s old, worn, used-up,”
“Not a trace, it’s mature and experienced,
and what’s more,
light is there, and power, and grace –
how erotic is this face!”
The Gopi is awakened in so many forms.

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