Saturday, February 15, 2014

Light Comes

If you pierce and penetrate and plumb the spheres of Being,
Light will come from the heavens.
If you pierce and penetrate and plumb the depths of Being,
Light will come forth from this very earth.
You can be in one spot and stay there,
rarely leaving town, go to work with empty pockets,
come home, put bread on the table,
and still do this.
Pierce and penetrate and plumb right where you are.
Tone for tone, syllable for syllable, Names of the Beloved, go:
Light will come.

In every Woman is Goddess.
I need the women, I need the men as well –
but I need to reach women.
In every woman is Goddess – even if buried
in each is this goddess – not a diva,
not a demanding dominatrix, not a calculating castrating bitch,
nor a “good girl“ nor “fantasy babe“ – none of these:
but a goddess, an indescribably real phenomenon,
dwelling in a normal form – and whom I reverently acknowledge
within mySelf –
and sometimes, on some level more often than not:
they get it.

If not, the failing lies with me.
But oh, when it does catch: Light comes.